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MLP: Shining Light by PokeDigiSonic-PDS MLP: Shining Light by PokeDigiSonic-PDS
MLP OC: Shining Light from the fanfic in works "The Last Element"

Shining Light once held an unstable fragment bearing the Element of Light. She was caught in a crossfire between an invading set of monsters and took witness to many ponies falling, leaving her partially mute and unable to scream. During an assault, she is soon rescued by a young Earth pony who managed to hear her thoughts for help. However, his life soon became threatened due a misunderstanding of events with a demonic pony present and was soon impaled by a misaimed magical spear going for Shining Light. Hearing her cries and desires, the Spirit Lady of the Light came to her aid. The earth pony was spared and for his bravery, granted the blessed life of an Earth Highlander while Shining Light became a contractor as well as Ascendant Pegasus so as to aid said Highlander.

As both a contractor and an Ascendant, Shining Light has all the rights and abilities of the Light Domain. As an Ascendant, she is capable of performing a kind of fusion with another pony to boost their abilities. In her contractive state, her wings will glow bright white and four pages from the book she uses will come out and glow respective elemental colors.

She has a kind of innocence revolving around her, communicates mostly through telepathy, and is a loveable airhead. Though she is capable of fighting on her own (she won't due to the power of the Light domain has), she is often merging and powering up Seiren Zero (whom she might have feelings for). She used to be completely light blonde.

The Elements of Nature
Blazing Mane [link]
Surging Springs [link]
Force of Nature [link]
Storming Whirlwinds [link]
Holy Light [link]
Sacred Darkness [link]

For Seiren Zero, [link] here
MLP:FiM belongs to Lauran faust and Hasbro
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